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2010 Conchman Sprint Triathlon

On November 6th, 2010, I participated in my first triathlon! The Conchman proved to be a great first race!

The weather leading up to the race was worrisome, with forecasts of winds being 25-30 and rough seas. The day turned out to be gorgeous, with an air temperature around 70, water temperature around 82, winds about 12-15knots, and flat calm seas!

Conchman 2010 Weather

The race started at 8:30, a delay from the 8am due to the fact it would just be getting light. A quick light breakfast at the hotel, a 2 mile ride to the transition area, and setup for the race began. It was an in-water start, the time between getting in the water and starting was fast, and I hadn’t even had my goggles on at the whistle.

Not a problem, by the first bouy I was in third. The top 2 were ahead of me slightly and competing against each other, I could have caught and won the swim but decided it was more important to conserve my energy being my first triathlon and not knowing what the rest of the race would be like. Good decision on my part!

Towards the end someone caught up and we pretty much departed the water simultaneously. The crowd was on the beach cheering, a very motivating experience. A friend of mine doing the cycle for a relay was there, his words something like “HOLY SHIT LEE MCCOY I DIDNT KNOW YOU COULD SWIM SO FAST!” His surprise and enthusiasm was motivating and good for a laugh! My time of 14:18 meant I averaged about 1:20 per 100 yards.

T1, the transition from the swim to the bike, went well. I took my time and tried not to panic or hurry. Mr. Conchman 2010 (Simon Lowe) came in from a great swim on his part and breezed out before I even had my shoes on. He later asked why I was sitting on the floor, it was to put on my socks, apparently most people don’t wear socks. Will have to train for that and use it next year!

Conchman 2010 - Copyright Keen I Media - T1

The bike started out tough. It took a while for my legs to get into the cycling mode, and then it became easier. As I predicted, a bunch of people flew past me on the bike. It was almost as if I was standing still! I cheered them on and kept my speed, wary to pickup the pace and tire myself out. I ended up averaging about 17mph over the 16.1 miles on the computer. No mishaps, except for on the packing/shipping up, the back tire got misaligned and wobbled. I had to widen the brakes and used it as it was. The main gears also wouldn’t go into the largest gear, I had to rig it to stay in the top gear and use only that one. Luckily the course was flat and I didn’t need to use many gear changes. The ride back was a bit harder, as the head wind kicked in. Towards the end a few mountain bikes past me, that was a bit disheartening! And the top 3 women past me at the end as well. I managed to stick with a friend of mine in third, and we did the remaining bike/run fairly close. She beat me overall by a minute, and hadn’t trained for the event!

Conchman 2010 - Bike - Copyright Keen I Media

T2 (bike to run transition) went well, I didn’t use the clipless pedals, so my running shoes were already on. Off I went.

The run was interesting. My legs felt heavy but a few strides and they were working again, well as far as they ever worked for me. The first water table was interesting as I hadn’t tried to run and drink. No matter how many times I asked for beer, none of the tables had any. I gulped too much water on the last table and spewed it all over the place, luckily no one was around! A few people passed me and I passed a few people, by this time I think people were in their general pack positions. I trotted along and managed a 9min 15sec mile pace which it didn’t feel like at the time, so that was a good surprise.

With the finish line around the corner I picked up the pace a bit for the last few hundred yards and had a good finish. Had some water, and a few minutes later a Sands Light was in hand!

It felt great to finish and the training really helped as I didn’t feel as if I was going to die! I took my time and enjoyed the race. Only at one point on the bike did I think “why the hell am I doing this” and again once on the run, but everyone’s attitude and support on the race course and from the volunteers and spectators was great and motivating. I would definitely recommend the Conchman for a first event. Beautiful location and a great course.

For next year I hope to have a few more races in and to have things like aerobars and clipless pedals and shoes. I won’t wear socks to save some time and hopefully my running will have improved.

2011 will be the 25th Conchman. This year was the largest participation, and I hope next year to be larger. I hope to get friends doing it individually or in relays, as it really is a good time. Mark your calendars for November 2011!

I should add that the Pelican Bay hotel was very nice! The people were friendly, they were very accommodating, and it was a great rate for the event. It was nice that everyone was staying in the same place, and Port Lucaya was a 2 minute walk away. I would definitely stay at the Pelican Bay again!

Now on to half-marathon training…!

Overall Time: 1hr, 42m, 24s
Swim: 14m 18s – 1km
Bike: 56m 09s – 16.1 miles (~25.9km) (including T1)
Run: 28m 59s – 3.1 miles (5km) (including T2)

Results and Photos, Bahamas Weekly
Facebook Photos, by Bahamas Weekly reporter
keen i media – Photos

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