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Palm Beaches Marathon Festival 5k Run

The Palm Beaches Marathon Festival 5k Run
December 3, 2010

The weather was cold…low 50’s…! The warmup was minimal, and standing around waiting on the start took about 20 minutes. There were about 800 people entered! There was a small Bahamian contingent, as seen below. Myself, Eric, Jane, Jamie, and Rhiannon. Also obviously present were Jamaicans and a Trinidad and Tobago team. The race started and we were off, waving our way through the crowd, side stepping, being passed and side stepped as well. The first mile took a while to come, and it was about nine minutes. A cool little sign with the time! (and we had timing chips on our bibs! This is all new to me!) The half way point was finally upon us with a water table and gatorade, I wanted a gatorade but only got a water. Oh well. Kept the running up the whole time despite feeling tightness in my left Achilles tendon.

Finished the race in 28:20 which is a 9:07 pace. 276/697. Not bad, but could be faster, but since I haven’t been training for a while and I didn’t want to sprain a tendon, that’s ok by me.

We hung around for a bit then headed off to Roccos Tacos for some good mexican food despite a long wait!

Race Results

Race Photographs by Brightroom

Photos below by Quadrathlete photographer Tina

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