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Saturday, June 4th, 2011
Gregory Town, Eleuthera, Bahamas

Sarah found this little event on Facebook a few weeks prior (and with enough time I convinced her not only to come along but to also participate, thus forming Team Tri-Sarah-Tops). This triathlon had 11 attendees in 2010, including relays! So I set out to bringing a crowd down and getting this event better known. We ended up with 6 attendees from our group, a few more tried to make it but couldn’t. Hopefully after seeing what fun we had they will try harder next year!

I didn’t realize until about a week before that it was actually Pineapplefest in Eleuthera at the same time! I knew we would definitely capitalize on the event!

We loaded up the bikes in a custom PVC bike rack created by Alec. Four bikes to my truck, holding enough for 3 individuals and a relay team. Myself, Simon, and Alec as the individuals, and Team Tri-Sarah-Tops representing Nassau and Abaco.

We left Friday morning aboard Bahamas Fast Ferries destined for Current, Eleuthera. We arrived and headed down to Surfers Haven and then went to pick up the Hope Town Sarah’s from the airport. We had a full truck with the gear loaded up! Thankfully, only two short hops fully loaded with gear and people. Our Friday night warmup consisted of dinner at the Rainbow Inn and a visit to Pineapplefest!

Race morning was not an early one, in a good and a bad way. We didn’t have to get up super early, but the start not happening until 9:30am meant for a hotter race. We got up, had a small breakfast (Cliff bar for me…somebody ate all my bananas!) and headed down for check in and warmup. The crowd looked thicker than the previous years photos; I think all in all there were about 30 entrants including relays. Registration and a quick warmup run around the block and we started to line up in the water. A minute or so later the horn went off and the race began.

I swam next to Dorian (ok…drafted) for about 100m until he began to drop back. I think I had a good race with good sighting, towards the end I think I may have drifted off course a bit, but I seemed to be in the right place when the ~500m swim finished! I was first out the water with a time of 7:10.

I ran over to transition and donned my bike gear. It was my first time in a tri with the clipless pedals and shoes, but not too much of an issue yet. I was passed in transition by a relay team, and not long into the bike Simon and Alec passed by. A lot more time on the bike is definitely needed! The bike wasn’t bad – until the hill hit. If you’ve been to the Laughing Lizard, you will know which one I mean! Easy to drive over, not so easy to bike over, 4 times! I hit 35 or so on the way down, Alec topped out at 42!

The course was two loops, so the first return took us by the spectators for a little boost of motivation. The second return led into transition 2. I made sure to try and unclip early, and luckily so, as it took a few kicks to get my shoes unlocked. Inside transition I was handed a cold glass of water and a cold towel, definitely a welcomed touch! In and out of transition without much ado, then on to the run.

transition 2

I started the run with some energy out of transition. Then it all died, and I felt heavy and slow. Knowing that hill was coming up was not helpful either. I managed to drodge through the run until the hill, where I had to walk a bit. I definitely got passed by some more runners here. I managed over the hill, just to turn around head back up and over! On the way down I saw running Sarah headed up the hill, and was glad the worst was behind me! As town grew near, it seemed I was warmed up and adjusted from the bike and got into a better run stride and my pace quickened. The end drew near as I ran through town, with the local Eleutherians out to watch, and finally through the finish line at the bay!

Pineappleathon Finish 2011

Overall: 1:07:46
Swim: 7:10
Bike: 28:25
Run: 32:11

I hope to see the Quadrathletes and everyone else down in Eleuthera in 2012!

Tribune Article
Pictures by Farrell Stafford
Pictures by Tom
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