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Abaco Open Water Swim 2011

Saturday, October 1st was the 2011 Abaco Open Water Swim. This event has been around for 7 years now I think, and continues to be a great event. I tried three years ago to race this, and dropped a door on my toe a few days before, so I had to let Mike compete alone after we both trained for it! Last year I had to fly in the night before and fly out immediately after for Alec’s wedding! This year, the event coincided with my nephew Frye’s birthday party! So between Sarah, Frye, and a great event, I had no choice but to head up to Abaco! Add in the part where I learned to wakeboard, and it was a superb weekend!

In the days leading up to the swim, my brother decided to do the 5k with minimal training! In the day before, we managed to convince Rhiannon, Sarah A., and Lindsey to form a relay and compete!

We headed over early in the morning from Hope Town (after loading up a kayak), and made for the Crossings in Marsh Harbour. It was a beautiful morning and there were flat seas just as there have been the past few years. We arrived at the public dock, registered, and after a very quick warmup swim we lined up for the race. I think there were about 20 of us on the line, and about 50 swimmers total with the relays.

The first leg was going well and the current was minimal. What a relief, I thought, as that leg was the hardest last year! Rounding the bouy and heading to the second marker, the current picked up; even more so on the final leg of the first lap. And, just to add some difficulty to the race, this head-on current got stronger with each lap! However, we all seemed to persevere and make it to the finish line!

1:20:39 Overall
0:26:40 First mile
0:26:48 Second mile
0:27:11 Third mile

Matthew and I took first and second place in the male 18-35 category! OK, we were the only ones in the category.

I didn’t have much training leading into this one; I had been swimming a bit for the UWC but that was all short distance. Overall I was pleased with my swim. I didn’t go out to drown myself but ended up with a consistent swim. I felt like I could have kept swimming, maybe next year they can organize a 10k swim!

Many thanks to Sara, Brent, the Abaco Swim Club, Swift Swimming, and all those involved in organizing and participating in such a great event! I look forward to this event every year now, and I hope to see it grow in size and stature! See everyone there in 2012!

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