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I don’t normally blog about much else these days except races, but this is quite an exciting upgrade!  If you read the Miami Man report, you’d know I purchased a nice 2006 Felt S32 from a fellow BTer in Miami.  So here’s all the details!

I was previously on a Jamis Satellite entry level racing bike with tri-bars.  No offense to the bike or the company, but it is an entry level bike, and steel nonetheless.  Steel is strong, but it is heavy.  The Jamis also has Shimano Tiagra components, the very entry level.  I always had problems shifting in and out…not that I really noticed until I rode bikes with better components!

The new bike, as stated, is a 2006 Felt S32.  You can read a review of the bike from back in 2006 here.  If you peruse the article and the photos, you’ll see the bike looks a bit different.  The previous owners (2 I think) have performed the following upgrades along the way:

  • New cockpit with a Pro Synop HF TT Basebar and Profile T2+ Aerobars
  • TTR2 Wheelset
  • Look Pedals
The T2+ aerobars are on my old Jamis also so it adds a level of familiarity to the upgrade.  Many people ask what the difference between a racing bike and a tri-bike is, and while I’m no expert, I can tell you the differences that I have noticed so far.  First, the bike is lighter.  Going from steel to aluminum makes a big difference!   I’d say in the 3-5lbs range or so (20% lighter).   Second, yet most importantly I think for triathlons, is the geometry.  The tri configuration moves the main muscle group from the quads to the glutes and hamstrings, saving your quads for the run portion of your race.  Third, aerodynamics.  The bike itself is much more aerodynamic (even compare the new bikes to 2006 and you can see the changes in the past few years).  The configuration also allows for a much cleaner aero position for the rider also, and a bit more comfortable in holding that position for the duration of the ride.  Fourth, the components.  While shared between racing and tri bikes, the upgrade for me from the Tiagra to the Ultegra/105 has made a much smoother ride and easier shifting.   This bike seems to glide forever compared to the Jamis, I’d assume because of the TTR2 wheelset.
I also managed to find a second hand (but never used) travel case for a bargain!  Overall, the cost of the Felt will be about the same as the cost of my old Jamis.  I definitely would recommend buying used for a first bike, obviously with some research and consideration.   Finding a used bike in the Bahamas is difficult, and I got really lucky with the bike and case that week!
Anyways, enough with the comparison, now to put it to good use!  I hope to be able to get in more rides with this one; having a nicer bike is a bit more motivating!  Sarah will be commandeering the Jamis for rides when she is in town, and others are welcome to use it if they care to join me! And finally, the gallery.  I know you want bike porn, so here it is!

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