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2012 Abaco Kayak Challenge

The official date for the 2012 Kayak Challenge being held at Little Harbour, Abaco, has been set for Saturday November 3, 2012.  Beneficiaries are the Rotary Club of Abaco and Friends of the Environment.

The Abaconian ran an article announcing the event, with none other than yours truly in the feature photo!

However, this poses a dilemma for myself and several other quadrathletes, as this is the same day as the 2012 Conchman Triathlon, being held in Freeport, Grand Bahama.  Time will tell, after the 2012 BASRA 1.8 Mile Swim on August 18th I should know which I will be doing!

If you are looking to start practising and are in the Abaco area, Abaco Eco will be organizing practice sessions and kayak rentals!

The facebook event is here:

I have some photos of the 2011 Kayak Challenge here, since I didn’t get around to writing a race report!

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