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Archives for August, 2015

Jet boat tours are a new tour coming to Nassau, Bahamas, and are comparable to RIB Tours being offered.

Jet Boat tours are designed as thrill rides, seat-of-your-pants adventures. They are fast and capable of spins, turns, and slides.

The shorter length tour is fun and entertaining, but the length of the excursion does not provide the history and culture of the Bahamas and the Nassau Harbour.

Even in countries where the jet boats are regulated, there are many risks with their operation.  According to Travel Insights Editor Phil Sylvester:

The NZ Transport Accident Investigation Commission has investigated about 20 jet boat accidents since 1995. The issues mostly involve crashes with other boats or inanimate objects or incidents where a boat flips over.

More often than not, tourists, who are more likely to ride such water craft, are involved. Officials have started investigating possible safety breaches contributing to the rate of accidents and requiring stricter safety regulations, but they don’t take effect until late 2011 and allow companies a three-year grace period.

Many of the companies are located in and around Queenstown and are alleged to not be meeting minimum requirements to operate.

Overlapping regulatory bodies are one of the biggest reasons cited for confusion over operational codes and safety standards.


There have also been several accidents and incidents involving this type of jet boat excursion (not in the Bahamas) around the world, including: