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TMC Memorial Regatta 2012 – NOR

The Terry McCoy Memorial Regatta 2012 will take place on October 13th and 14th, 2012.

“We haven’t held this regatta at the Royal Nassau Sailing Club for many years (if ever) as it always seemed more convenient to sail out of the NYC as it is the “home” for Nassau’s Sunfish Fleet. However, seeing that Terry was a long time member of RNSC and had contributed so much to both the junior and senior sailing programs we thought it only fitting to host it each year now at RNSC.

To do it right we have planned a party Saturday evening to raise a glass a Terry and celebrate all he did for sailing, especially at RNSC. The party is from 6:30 to 10:30 and will be very casual. It will not only be attended by the sailors but is open to all and will be attended by many of Terry’s old friends. Dinner-wise there is a BBQ – steak and chicken, all being prepared by our junior sailors as a fundraiser for them; something Terry was always supportive of and helped with. It is bound to be a good night talking about the good old days and listening to a fun tale or two. And as a bonus there will be extravagant prizes auctioned off – more money for our junior sailors.”

You can find the Notice of Race (NOR) here.  NOR – TERRY McCOY 2012

The following pictures are a preview of what’s in stock, not necessarily of theTMC, and are posted courtesy of Robert Dunkley, visit his site at

Cayman J-22 Invitational Regatta

The Cayman Island Sailing Club ( hosted the Race Cayman 2011 J-22 Invitational Regatta. There were 9 boats with representatives from Cayman, Bermuda, England, USA, and of course the Bahamas. There were two Bahamian teams led by Jimmie Lowe and Craig Symonette. Jimmie was assisted by Lori and Ferdi in the cockpit and myself on foredeck. Craig had the help of Cameron and Justin, and a late comer of Jane Moon joining the boat due to a underweight math error! Overall I believe we were third and Craig was fifth. I will post the results when I get them.

We arrived on Wednesday via British Airways direct to Cayman. Thursday we got ready with the help of Ben whose boat we had drawn to use. We headed out for a practice race with a couple other boats and got warmed up. We had practiced in very little wind compared to the 20-25 knots we would experience throughout the week. Friday, Saturday and Sunday we had three back to back races starting at 12, in by around 3pm. The nightly activities included a commodore’s party at Jane and Andrew Moon’s beautiful beachfront house, several visits to Sunset House, a great St. Patty’s day party (thrown on Saturday!) at the CISC, and of course the presentation at Casanova’s on Sunday night.

Yes, we did broach the boat a few times and win the COTD (clown of the day) award! We wore our yellow shirts with pride on Saturday!

There were more funny stories had in this weekend than I think I’ve seen in a long time! From Hammerheads (Oklahoma) to Jimmie losing his pants, to Big Daddy turning Irish, to Andrew needing stitches! We met several interesting people from around the world including a friend of Jimmie’s from Nassau who collects panties and marbles, and makes black coral jewelry. The worst part about Cayman is the @#*#ing roosters that make noise all night. I chased one half way down the street at 5am one morning. If you want more details on these (and more) stories you’ll have to buy one of us a drink, as I can’t post all the details here!

Anyways, here are the photos below, and there’s some links to youtube videos by one of the American’s I believe.

J22 Bahamian Cayman Team

2011 J-22 Cayman YouTube Videos

Key West Race Week 2011

Jason: To all the runners in Nassau: Good luck and have fun (even though you are all nuts!) To all the sailors at Key West Race Week: Make way for the Balamena II (we are also nuts!)

That was the post before the Sunday marathon and plane to Key West that evening to begin Race Week. The Balamena II had already arrived from FLL during the race down, which I could not do due to the half marathon. The flight over was alright as I passed out in the airplanes, airports, standing up, etc, due to drinking after the half and before my flight, in the typical quadrathlete way! I was lucky in the my luggage arrived with me, unlike the early arrivals who had to wait an extra day for theirs!

We head home, except for Jason and Jen who decided a good solid night of drinking the day before the races would be good idea.

Up early, head to the boat, and get going. The rest of the crew participated in a practice run the day before, I was probably at a bar in Nassau still…Peter, Tony, Veg, Jason, Jen, Lee and Angela are the lucky sailors aboard the Balamena for this regatta. Regatta rules mandate the same people on the boat for the whole regatta, so we couldn’t technically throw Jen overboard.

There were 3 race courses with several fleets on each race course. Our #3 course had J-24’s, J-80’s, PHRF, and some others. We did two races a day, except the day of the fog where we only got one in.

The Mount Gay sponsored after party’s were similar to RTIA…free booze! We did our best to consume alcohol, at least Jason and I did, and to represent the Bahamas. It definitely seemed like a circuit crowd where people new each other, more so than we did, as we knew no one! Angela mingled more than the rest of us combined.

Unfortunately we did not get to get up on the podium for a trophy. Our best finishes were 5th out of 7th, but on our last race the difference between 2nd and 7th was 2.5 minutes, corrected time.

Between the drinking and sailing, I did not get much time in for anything else, but did get a swim in at the condo. The sailing and moving about I think helped to stretch out the legs from the half, and I wasn’t too sore by about Wednesday! I did try to stretch a bit in the mornings. That’s about all I got for now, a picture is worth a thousand words see my essay below! Also, the link to the results if you’re really interested…

PHRF 2 Results

Tim Wilkes Photography

More Key West Race Week 2011 Photos

2010 Miami Nassau Race Week

The 2010 Nassau Cup Ocean Race began at 11:05am on November 11, 2010. By around 11:15am Balamena II had tendered her resignation from the race.

After replacing the rigging, hatches, and various other repairs to the boat, we prepared to start the race. Sails up, timing a go, we started the race and powered up. About 5 minutes into the race we heard cracking and felt movement in the deck. The anchor for the stanchions that is fiberglassed in the hull was beginning to give way and the deck chain plate was taking the force and lifting the deck. Sails down, motor back to Miami and the event is over…

…not without some interesting river and bridge navigations however!

Key West Race Week 2011 anyone?

Results and Race Information:
SORC Facebook Group