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242 Colour Run Freeport 2014

The 242 Colour Run in Freeport took place on November 2nd.  The second instance of the 3-mile event in Grand Bahama added a large dose of colour to the lively crowd at the Garden of the Groves. The Rotary Club of Grand Bahama Sunrise and the Rotaract Clubs of Freeport were well represented and were the beneficiaries of the event.

Thanks to the sponsors, participants were able to enjoy ice-cold Vita Coco natural coconut water and Sands beer after the race. Shannon Barnes won a Timex Health Touch watch courtesy of Mystery Shopper Bahamas and other participants won free entries to any 242 Colour Run in 2014 or 2015.

The event was attended by persons who were new to the event, as well as those who had participated in Freeport in 2013 and Nassau in September 2014. Kimberly Rahming participated in Nassau and also convinced her mother to participate in Freeport; both plan to attend the Abaco event in December.

The next 242 Colour Run in the 2014 series takes place in Hope Town on December 28th. For more information please visit their website or find them on Facebook.

The 242 Colour Run in Nassau took place on a beautiful Bahamian Sunday morning. The second instance of the event saw 449 people registered, up from last year’s attendance of 330.

The revised course left Eastern Parade and headed East, rounding Montagu foreshore and heading back to finish at Green Parrot Nassau, a total distance of 5km. The course also had a 6.1km Challenge option, where runners and walkers could head over the bridge and back before completing the race.

The 242 Colour Run is different from the average walk or run, as teams and individuals are encouraged to get as funky and colourful as they possibly can. Individuals and teams consisting of friends, families, coworkers, athletic groups, and specialty groups dressed in funky clothing, tutus, wigs, and even a batman costume.

Participants were able to register online and at The Sports Center, and pick up their bags at The Sports Center on the Friday and Saturday before the race. Each bag contained a 242 Colour Run shirt, race bib, bumper sticker, sunglasses, 242 and Rotary tattoos, and samples such as Go-Ahead biscuits and Pinalen multicleaners. Each person also got a small bag of colour, which was used primarily for one of the morning’s highlights, the colour toss.

As the racers gathered before the start and the last minute participants checked-in, music and entertainment was provided by DJ Puppy of Pupstar Entertainment and Nathan Stone; both of which are president of the Rotary and Rotaract Club of East Nassau, respectively.

The fun started off in the morning with a Colour-Toss on Eastern Parade. The individual bags of colour were tossed into the air by the pumped up crowd, causing a giant multi-colour cloud over the field. The Royal Bahamas Police Force then closed the road for a few minutes while the close to 500 participants started the race.

The race course was very unique in that there were six “colour stations” along the route. At each station, a host of volunteers from the Rotary and Rotaract Clubs of East Nassau doused the participants in a different colour – Bahama Blue, Sunshine Yellow, Flamingo Pink, Seagrass Green, Seagrape Purple and a new colour, Lighthouse Red. Water stations along the course kept the runners hydrated, thanks to the FYP fire truck and Aquapure water.

While participants began to finish, the crowd began to grow at Green Parrot Nassau, the official finish of the race. As they finished they were greeted with cold water provided by Aquapure and ice-cold Sands Beer for the adults. Vita-Coco all natural coconut water and H2Aloe, a fruit fusion drink, were also handed out to finishers. The music and feel-good atmosphere continued through random bursts of colour and competitors cheered on their friends and families finishing the race. No matter if people walked, ran, or a combination of the two, everyone was congratulated for finishing the colourful course. There were no winners of the race, as the event was not timed nor competitive – however there were some noticeably fast runners on the course.

The fun didn’t end after the race was over. The restaurant and bar at Green Parrot then opened for breakfast for the lively crowd, overlooking the scenic Nassau Harbour. As the course was being cleaned up by volunteers and Bahamas Waste, friends gathered inside the Pick A Prop & Pose photobooth to preserve their colourful memories and PappaSurf introduced people to paddleboarding. The event was not timed nor places awarded, so prizes were given out to those registered and still present at the event. Prizes included gift certificates to Pirates of Nassau, Lightbourne Marine, Electronic Solutions, Tru Bahamian Food Tours, Windemere, Lucianos, and Bahama Art & Handicraft. John Bull provided a Fossil watch, the BNT provided a Conchservation goodie bag, and Dolphin Encounters and Blue Lagoon both donated passes for two.

The beneficiaries of the event, the Rotary and Rotaract Clubs of East Nassau, provided a great atmosphere and the majority of the volunteers for the event. They threw colour, gave out water, cleaned up, and most importantly cheered on the participants. The race would not have been a success without their direct involvement. The charitable organizations will both receive almost double what they received the year before, and as the race grows so too will the fund-raising for their many community programmes.

Comments and compliments flowed into the race organizers and were posted on the Facebook page. Jennifer Treco stated “What an AWESOME event!…Can’t wait for next year” and Ruth Diaz added “thanks for such an amazing time!”. Judith Smith, who has participated in many events throughout the year, wrote about her team: “The Chick-a-lettes and we did the Challenge. The atmosphere was hyped, the weather was good, and thanks to all the volunteers. We had a wonderful time.”

The race organizers, PROMPT (Paradise Race Organization Management Promotion & Timing), would like to thank the Rotary and Rotaract Clubs, the race host Green Parrot, all of the volunteers, sponsors and spectators, the RBPF, the Ministry of Works, and most importantly the amazing and fun participants.

The next 242 Colour Run takes place in Freeport on November 2nd followed by Abaco on December 27th. More details of future events will be released via the website and the 242 Colour Run Facebook page.

Assorted pictures from the 242 Colour Run that took place in Nassau on September 28th. All photographs by Ash Henderson. 10k 2012

December 15th started out early with a 6:30 Bahamian Time (6:40ish) start to the 10k. 13 participants entered this year on a hilly course passing over the bridges twice, through the tunnel twice, and past the cloisters dip twice again! Congratulation to everyone, and to our overall winner Greg Lowe and our top female Mary Jane Sands!

We are planning another event tentatively for the January 5th weekend, to burn off those holiday calories and get ready for Marathon Bahamas 2013! We look forward to seeing everyone out at both events!

Place Name Sex 10k Pace
1 Greg Lowe M 55:51 8:52
2 Peter Wagner M 57:17 9:06
3 Carlo Chee A Tow M 57:17 9:06
4 John Proctor M 58:16 9:15
5 Mary Jane Sands F 1:01:14 9:44
6 Sam Wrinkle M 1:01:43 9:48
7 Todd Hanselmann M 1:03:00 10:00
8 Karen Johnson F 1:03:01 10:01
9 Britt Hood F 1:03:53 10:09
10 Danielle Van Wynen F 1:03:53 10:09
11 Tanya Bales F 1:04:36 10:16
12 Jill Evans F 1:09:19 11:01
13 Joey Premock F 1:15:57 12:04

Le Tear Off Nassau 2012

On November 17th, the 2012 Le Tear Off Nassau was organized by Calvin Lockhart and company.

Here are the results, with more details and photos to follow:

Le Tear Off Nassau 2012

Congratulations to race winner Mark Holowesko and all the participants!

For more information on timing and race services offered in the Bahamas and throughout the Caribbean, please contact Lee McCoy.

Abaco Open Water Swim 2011

Saturday, October 1st was the 2011 Abaco Open Water Swim. This event has been around for 7 years now I think, and continues to be a great event. I tried three years ago to race this, and dropped a door on my toe a few days before, so I had to let Mike compete alone after we both trained for it! Last year I had to fly in the night before and fly out immediately after for Alec’s wedding! This year, the event coincided with my nephew Frye’s birthday party! So between Sarah, Frye, and a great event, I had no choice but to head up to Abaco! Add in the part where I learned to wakeboard, and it was a superb weekend!

In the days leading up to the swim, my brother decided to do the 5k with minimal training! In the day before, we managed to convince Rhiannon, Sarah A., and Lindsey to form a relay and compete!

We headed over early in the morning from Hope Town (after loading up a kayak), and made for the Crossings in Marsh Harbour. It was a beautiful morning and there were flat seas just as there have been the past few years. We arrived at the public dock, registered, and after a very quick warmup swim we lined up for the race. I think there were about 20 of us on the line, and about 50 swimmers total with the relays.

The first leg was going well and the current was minimal. What a relief, I thought, as that leg was the hardest last year! Rounding the bouy and heading to the second marker, the current picked up; even more so on the final leg of the first lap. And, just to add some difficulty to the race, this head-on current got stronger with each lap! However, we all seemed to persevere and make it to the finish line!

1:20:39 Overall
0:26:40 First mile
0:26:48 Second mile
0:27:11 Third mile

Matthew and I took first and second place in the male 18-35 category! OK, we were the only ones in the category.

I didn’t have much training leading into this one; I had been swimming a bit for the UWC but that was all short distance. Overall I was pleased with my swim. I didn’t go out to drown myself but ended up with a consistent swim. I felt like I could have kept swimming, maybe next year they can organize a 10k swim!

Many thanks to Sara, Brent, the Abaco Swim Club, Swift Swimming, and all those involved in organizing and participating in such a great event! I look forward to this event every year now, and I hope to see it grow in size and stature! See everyone there in 2012!

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